The road to your childrens' financial independence starts with BusyKid
BusyKid is designed with the help of parents to provide your children with real life lessons in managing money. Watch them make decisions with money they earned. There's nothing better you can give or lessons they can learn.
For just $3.99/mo your family will gain access to our entire app including charities, chores and up to 5 BusyKid Visa® Prepaid Spend Cards (one card per child).
By acting now you can start teaching financial independence and save 20% over the monthly subscription total by deciding to join us annually.

It couldn't be more simple!

Parents assign chores, kids/teens complete them, and allowance is direct deposited each Friday. Money can also be given through bonuses.
Each week a percentage of the weekly allowance can be saved automatically and locked to grow faster.
The importance of giving back is demonstrated by donating a percentage of allowance to any of our 50+ charities.
Learning to spend and manage invisible money is easier with the BusyKid Visa® Prepaid Spend Card.
Exclusive to Busykid, anyone can add money to a child account via QR code.
Here's what parents are saying about us

A Financial Education in the Palm of their Hands

Busykid is perfect for busy parents with children 5-17 how are ready to earn, save, share and spend their own money. Your children can build healthy financial habits with our easy to use app and gain hands-on experience managing money they earn.

Assign chores with ease

Age appropriate chores
When adding a chore, we’ll suggest chores that are age appropriate for your children. We’ll also make recommendations on what to pay them for each chore.
Make it your own
Create custom chores and upload your own image for chores that are specific to your household.
Schedule and repeat
Set your chores to repeat daily, weekly or monthly, and schedule chores by setting a future start date.

The best way to learn how to handle invisible money

The BusyKid Visa® Prepaid Spend Card gives your children the freedom to spend their allowance anywhere, and parents see every transaction made.

In stores or online, there's no better way to start teaching your children how to spend and manage money that can't be seen. Forget the piggy banks, envelopes, jars, coins and paper money. Let your children start using money like they will as adults.

Donate to Wonderful Charities

Teach your children the value of giving back by letting them donate a percentage of their allowance to over 50 charities nationwide.

You can even add your own charity by letting us know the details.

Receive money from others with BusyPay

It's easy, fast, and any family member or friend can do it. Your child shares their QR code and within seconds, they see their account grow. Perfect for birthdays, holidays, or when grandparents just want to spoil their grandchild. Your child can even send money to other kids using BusyKid through this feature. No need for other money transferring apps.

Additional Features

Send bonuses to show appreciation for a job well done
Auto-Allowance can be engaged for families with busy schedules
"Parent Interest" allows a child savings account to grow faster
Immediate tracking and notification of all activity
Easily lock money transfers between Spend, Save and Share to help build larger balances
Cards feature security chips, Apple/Google Pay and access to over 55,000 ATMS nationwide
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BusyKid Jr. is free to use and allows families to add chores and track them through a Friday payday. Each Friday, the virtual allowance will reset to zero and parents will need to pay allowance outside the app. This version is ideal for families with very young children not ready to use real money yet or without mobile devices. When the kids are ready, updating to the full version of BusyKid is easy! To use BusyKid Jr., just select this option when enrolling through the app.